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FIT KING Leg Massager With Heat Circulation Upgraded Full Leg/Foot Compression

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MSRP $200.00 FIT KING FT-081A full leg massager with heat and compression, offers 360° compression, 27 massage options | 3 levels heating therapy, 3 modes & 3 intensities compression | making FIT KING the more comfortable dynamic air compression system on the market. Becomes your personal 24/7massage therapist!


REDUCE FATIGUE & PAIN: assist busy office workers/travelers/drivers etc. relax muscle,reduce muscle tension & fatigue, help them sleep better.

SPEED UP RECOVERY: assist athletes warm up quickly, recover faster, and feel fully revived, so you can perform at your peak

IMPROVE CIRCULATION: beneficial for middle-aged, the elderly who suffer from RLS, varicose veins, cold legs, edema, RLS (restless leg syndrome) leg problems caused by the poor leg circulation.| Recommend Use Time: 20 mins each time, 1~2 times a day. It's advised long-term use to achieve the best results.