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Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinter Flexible 2 pack Kids Toboggan Snow Sled

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Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinter Flexible Kids Toddler Plastic Toboggan Snow Sled with Pull Rope for 1 Adult or Kid Rider (2 Pack) Style: Sprinter Snow Sled (2 Pack)
Brand: Slippery Racer
Material: Plastic
Color: Red Blue Green
Item Weight: 4.25 Pounds The Downhill Sprinter 35” Toboggan Sled by Slippery Racer is at the top of the curve in design, performance, and durability. Built with a high flex ratio, the Downhill Sprinter is designed to hold strong in any terrain. While many sleds crack easily, the Downhill Sprinter’s flexible body is built to bend without breaking. In addition, the Downhill Sprinter is coated with Slippery Racer’s proprietary IceVex cold-resistant treatment, allowing for use in the coldest of temperatures.
Some have the brand printed on the lip and a few have them on the inside body