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Outward Hound Purple Flower Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - Mini/Medium Size

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Original price $14.00
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Enhance your dog's dining experience with the Outward Hound Purple Flower Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, designed for mini to medium-sized dogs. This Slo-Bowl provides a natural, healthy, and playful solution for dogs that tend to gobble their kibble quickly. The purple flower design promotes natural eating habits by turning mealtime into a foraging experience. With its maze of ridges and valleys, the Slo-Bowl prolongs feeding times, reducing overeating and fast consumption. Dogs enjoy the hunt as they "chase" their food, making dinnertime engaging and entertaining. The bowl holds 2 cups of food and is crafted to reward play with bits of food, ensuring your furry friend stays engaged throughout the meal. Veterinarians endorse slower feeding for a safer dining experience. Feed your dog with peace of mind and turn mealtime into a fun and interactive adventure
Color: purple